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System for 3D visualization
  • system for 3D visualization is composed of two projectors with circular polarization filters, special projection screen and several polarization glasses
  • system for 3D visualization is used with the haptic robot HapticMaster for visualization of virtual environments
Wheeled mobile robots eXplorer and voYager
  • small wheeled mobile robots eXplorer and voYager developed in Laboratory of Robotics
  • students can learn to program embedded systems with microcontrollers, control of DC motors, programing to control mobile robots with various input devices (3D mouse, haptic robots) and tracking of robots with the Optotrak Certus system
Optotrak Certus
  • Optotrak Certus system is optical system for accurate measurements of position of larger number of active IR markers
  • students use Optotrak system for measuring the movements of humans, robots and machines
Optotrak 3010
  • Optotrak 3010 is older version of Optotrak Certus system and is a part of teleoperation system also composed of two Motoman HM5 in Omega.7 robots
  • Optotrak 3010 is used to track the objects which are manipulated by Motoman HM5 robots
Force plates
  • a pair of force plates placed in the floor, each of them measures 3 forces and 3 moments
  • students use them for measuring the forces applied by the measured person during walking, sitting, lifting objects; they are often used with Optotrak Certus system
Force sensors Jr3
  • Jr3 force sensors measure 3 forces and 3 moments applied on the sensor
  • Jr3 sensors are small, very accurate, low noise sensors typically used for measuring forces between robot and environment with which the robot is interacting
Other lab equipment
  • oscilloscope, function generators, multimeters, voltmeters, various power supplies, soldering equipment, monocular and binocular low-magnification microscopes for precise positioning of electronic components for soldering
  • students use this equipment during practicum, project assignments and experiments
DIR 2019

The event DIR 2019 will take place at ULFE from 1. 4. - 5. 4. 2019

Robo-Japan 2018

Students excursion to Japan 2018