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Haptics robotics

Haptic robots Phantom
  • two haptic robots Phantom, each with three active degrees of freedom
  • students develop haptic virtual environments in which they can feel (touch) the virtual objects and manipulate with them with the Phantom robot
Haptic robot HapticMaster
  • haptic robot HapticMaster with controller developed in Laboratory of Robotics
  • students develop custom virtual environment applications for robot-human interaction
Robots Motoman MH5
  • two 6 degrees of freedom anthropomorphic robots Motoman MH5  equipped with torque/force sensors JR3 and custom design controller developed in Laboratory of Robotics
  • with the custom build controller students can learn to program the robots for bi-manual teleoperation for interaction with either the environment or human user
Haptic robots Omega.7
  • two haptic robots Omega, each with 3 active degrees of freedom for position control, 3 passive degrees of freedom for measuring the orientation and 1 active degree of freedom for grasping
  • haptic robots allow students to plan and develop the applications for bi-manual manipulation of objects in virtual environments or with robots Motoman HM5
DIR 2019

The event DIR 2019 will take place at ULFE from 1. 4. - 5. 4. 2019

Robo-Japan 2018

Students excursion to Japan 2018