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The measuring and control system for improved model based diastat filling quality

ETA Cerkno  

The system enables fast and accurate membrane expansion measurements. The membrane is part of the sensor system called diastat, which is filled with a special oil on special rotary machines. The diastat is part of mechanical capillary thermostat. For the proper operation of the thermostat the right amount of oil pushed inside the diastat is the most important. 

To demonstrate the right selection of the measurement equipment and data processing methods, several tests and analysis were performed: the dynamic response of the diastat membrane during filling, measuring accuracy, nonlinearity and temperature stability of the measurement system with integrated distance sensor and the most important verification measurements with reference control procedures in manufacturing process. A number of novel approaches were introduced enabling installation of the measurement and control system in the production of the thermostat diastats. The system enabled better filling quality and significantly lowered the production costs.

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